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Music Lessons


Piano is one of the most beautiful musical instruments. WCMA provides programs for all ages and skill levels. We provide training for all levels based on the RCM syllabus and prepare our students for RCM exams. We also prepare stronger students for piano competitions and festivals. You can start learning to play piano as young as four years old through our little Mozart program. On the other hand, our adult beginner program is designed for adults who posses no background in musical knowledge.


Is your child a little Mozart? This program will discover and develop musical ability in children. Classes use movements, singing, and musical instruments to explore melody, rhythm, dynamics, and musical notation. Musical games will make the lessons engaging and entertaining. This program is a base for solid academic music education and increase confidence, creativity, and self expression.


Have you always dreamed of playing a musical instrument? It is never too late to start learning! Our highly qualified teachers will help you learn to play your favourite music in no time. This program is designed for adults who do not possess any background in music.


The guitar program at WCMA prides itself on catering private lessons to the individual needs of each student, while also offering avenues for a variety of different musical styles including traditional methods in classical playing, to contemporary pop, rock, blues and more. Our aim is to engage each student not only with their instrument but to instill a love and appreciation for music as a whole. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or advanced, dreaming of hitting the stage or playing for fun, WCMA has something for you!


The study of voice takes gradual practice and comes with maturation of the body. Therefore most students begin studying singing at approximately 8 to 9 years of age. Adults of any age are also welcome to learn to use their voice. We have a wide range of programs available ranging from beginners with zero experience, to skilled vocalists looking to take their abilities to the next level. Vocal lessons are taught by our experienced vocal teacher. Whether you already have a talented voice or require assistance to achieve the right notes and melody, our program will develop you into a superstar!


The violin program at WCMA is rooted in European teaching traditions and adjusted to the principles of the North American musical system. Our teachers are highly professional, ensuring they provide the student with the highest quality of teaching. The teaching philosophy is based on a deep understanding of the child’s mind, while focusing on the development of an individual’s creative, emotional, and cognitive responses. Lessons are structured to build a strong relationship with the students and parents, guaranteeing a true appreciation for the art of violin playing.


The composition program at WCMA is tailored to develop both the creative and academic aspects of composition. It is designed to be a rigorous program while also making sure that the learner is engaged and having fun. Our teacher, Artashes Hovhannisyan, is an accomplished composer, with a Master’s in composition, and has extensive international work and teaching experience. He teaches composition in a number of genres and styles including classical, jazz and pop, as well as orchestration, instrumentation, chamber ensemble and choral and vocal music writing.

music lessons

WCMA offers piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, and wind instruments for students of all ages. Classes are offered in private and group settings. Our students participate in musical competitions and festivals around Toronto and GTA.

Mentoring Program for New Piano Teachers

This program is designed to coach young piano teachers taking their first steps into professionally teaching students. This program includes a methodology course, observation classes, practical classes, and a master class. Engaging in teaching under the supervision of experts and being able to receive instant feedback will ensure teachers gain the necessary skills needed to apply their knowledge of methodology while teaching students.

RCM Celebrate Theory: Rudiments, Harmony, Analysis, Counter Point, Music History

Celebrate theory enhances students’ understanding of music as it allows them to combine their theoretical knowledge of music with their practical studies. At WCMA, we make sure to begin teaching preparatory theory to students from the start of their lessons to build a strong foundation to help build a life-long musical education. This well-rounded tutelage will help students make the most out of their lessons!